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  • Community Impact

    Few businesses are more important to a community than the local hospital. Beyond providing essential medical services, CHS-affiliated hospitals stimulate the economic health of their communities, pay taxes, provide charity care and are often among the largest employers in town.

    Uncompensated Care

    All CHS-affiliated hospitals offer charity care policies for those who qualify and provide discounts for uninsured patients. In 2018, affiliated hospitals provided over $3.9 billion in charity, discounted and other uncompensated care.


    In many communities, a CHS-affiliated hospital is the largest employer in town or at least one of the largest generators of jobs. Approximately 87,000 men and women work across the organization. The payroll and benefits provided to these employees support local families, patronize other local businesses, impact associated jobs and build community-wide economic benefit.


    As tax-paying entities CHS-affiliated hospitals support local municipalities, including police and fire departments, schools, infrastructure improvements like roads and a wide range of community programs.

    Capital Investments

    Deployment of capital improves health services, hospital facilities and medical technology, and it also has a trickle-down effect that can positively impact local economies. In many cases, capital investments at CHS-affiliated hospitals create local construction jobs and include purchasing of local services and products. In 2018, over $500 million in capital investment was made across our organization.

    Community Involvement

    Every CHS-affiliated hospital works to improve the wellbeing of local residents through health fairs, screenings and educational programs. They actively participate in civic and charitable causes, sponsor community events and support local programs through volunteerism.